It is prohibited to send the following objects and goods with Itella services:


Highly perishable foodstuffs


Radioactive, explosive, caustic, toxic or inflammable substances or substances sensitive to cold


Money, bank cards, coins in circulation, securities, bonds, precious metals and stones


Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances

keelatud dokumendid

Identity documents, travel documents, permits or documents giving a special status


Ammunition and weapons


Sharp items without a special packaging


Live animals, birds, fishes


Containers filled with liquid that are not tightly closed and packed in a breaking-proof manner

Itella does not assume any liability for Parcels of prohibited content.

Itella has the right to suspend any further delivery of Parcels of prohibited content and destroy the Parcels that pose a risk to the health of the employees of Itella or that of third parties or to their health or the environment and to other Parcels.

The Sender undertakes to compensate for any damage and cost incurred in connection with Parcels containing prohibited substances.